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What Is The Fit Kit?

Proper bike fit is essential for comfortable, efficient riding. The Fit Kit is a collection of precision tools and data that allow us to efficiently, discreetly and precisely measure you to determine your exact frame size (seat-tube length and angle, and top-tube length) and the proper adjustments for the points where you contact your bicycle.
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We'll dial-in your seat height, seat fore-and-aft adjustment, crankarm length, stem height, stem length and handlebar width. The Fit Kit also features special gauges that allow careful analysis of shoe cleat position, which is essential for injury-free cycling and efficient use of toe-clip-equipped and clipless pedal systems.

Proper seat height ensures comfort and easy pedalingRide More Comfortably And With Less Effort
If all these measurements and adjustments sound complicated, they are. However, this information will make a world of difference in your enjoyment of cycling.

It's the key to getting a perfect fit on any new frame or bicycle and is important whether you ride for recreation, fitness or fun; and whether you ride the road or dirt. It guarantees that you'll ride comfortably and as efficiently as possible.

If you're uncomfortable on your bike, suffering from numb hands, saddle sores, a stiff neck, achy wrists or back pain, it's very likely that your bicycle is contributing to the problems if not causing them. Our highly trained technicians and the Fit Kit can help.

We also recommend getting fitted if you're shopping for a new bicycle and aren't sure what size is right or if you're buying a frame to build into your dream bike. Once we've measured you, you'll know the proper size, which will make it a lot easier to pick out the right bike or frame. Equally important, it will allow ruling out those models that don't fall within your fit requirements, which is a great help if you're comparing many different brands.

The Fitting Session
We offer several in-store Fit Kit fitting services to accommodate your needs. Contact us first for an Fitting requires special tools and experienceappointment and plan on spending from 30 minutes to an hour in your session. Our highly trained Fit Kit technicians will take your measurements and discuss with you your cycling goals, problems and issues.

If you're here to get measured for a new bicycle, don't forget to bring along your cycling clothes (shoes, too). You can change in our dressing room. By wearing cycling clothes, the measurements will be accurate (seams in street clothing can interfere with precise measurements).

If you're interested in being fit to your current bicycle, please bring it in with you and wear or bring your cycling clothes to put on. We'll measure you and your bicycle and components. And we'll mount the bicycle on a stand so that we can look at you riding and observe your position and current adjustments.

Then, we'll fine-tune your bike for a perfect fit. We'll also make recommendations if you require different components, such as a shorter or taller stem, and install these if you wish (components are sold separately). We're sure you'll be delighted at how much more comfortable you are on your bike.



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