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Family Bike Shop, Crofton -Service Packages

Our service packages provide you with great value on bicycle repairs ranging from a minimal and quick service, to a comprehensive and extensive bicycle repair service. Feel free to email, call, or stop by the shop to discuss your options.  Bicycles must be inspected in-store to receive an accurate repair estimate. No-obligation estimates are always free! We will educate you on your bicycle repair options so that you will be able to make an informed decision on how to get your bicycle issues rectified. Our job is to inspect your bicycle, identify and repair any existing issues, then get you back on the road as safety and as quickly as possible.  We always will attempt to complete small repairs (such as a flat-tire repair) while you wait, if we're able.  Other, more extensive repairs will be checked-in.  If an immediate or rushed service is necessary for a big ride or event, please ask, and we'll do our best to expedite your service (an expedited service charge may apply).


As always, all bicycles purchased from Family Bike Shop receive Free Lifetime Tune-ups ("lifetime"=use by the original owner).  No limit on frequency of this tune up. We will attempt to perform this service while you wait whenever possible. This tune-up service includes the same service as listed in the package descriptions to follow ("Single-Speed Tune" for a single-speed bicycle & "Tune-Up" for a geared bicycle). Additional services not included in a tune-up are additional cost.


"For Bikes Already in Good Shape"

  • Check for Functionality/Safety
  • Air Tires, Lube Chain/Pivot Points
  • Minor Adjustments
  • Adjust Barrel Tweaks
  • Touch True Wheels
  • Quick Lube

(A While You Wait Service ~ Bicycle must be deemed eligible by a mechanic to receive this service package)

SINGLE SPEED TUNE: $65 For Single-Speed Bicycles Only

"Finely Tuned and Lubricated"

  • Safety Check
  • Adjust Brakes Front and Rear
  • True Wheels Front and Rear
  • Adjust All Bearings
  • Lube Chain and Cables
  • Light Cleaning

(Parts additional. A la carte services are 50% off)

TUNE-UP: $90 For Geared Bicycles

"Finely Tuned and Lubricated"

  • Adjust Brakes Front and Rear
  • Adjust Derailleur Front and Rear
  • True Wheels Front and Rear
  • Adjust All Bearings
  • Lube Chain and Cables
  • Light Cleaning

(Parts additional. A la carte services are 50% off)


"Our Most Comprehensive Service"  

  • Disassemble Bike and Clean Thoroughly
  • Overhaul Headset and Hubs & Bottom Bracket
  • Change Cables, if necessary
  • Complete Tune-Up & Drive Train Cleaning
  • Tape Handlebars/Change Grips

(Parts additional. A la carte services FREE)  

 SHOP RATES: Family Bike Shop's minimum service charge is $5.00. A la carte labor is available for a wide variety of other bicycle repair services. A la carte prices are available upon request. Some repairs requiring special-order parts may require a down-payment at the service manager's discretion. The shop rates listed include labor only, and do not include any parts. For an accurate parts estimate please bring your bike in for our technicians to assess properly.

REPAIR POLICY: We will call you upon completion of your repair. We request the pick-up of your repairs as soon as possible upon completion. We do not have access to a storage facility. For this reason, any repairs not paid and/or not picked up within 30 days of completion will become the property of Family Bike Shop and may be sold to regain the price of the repair.

SPECIAL ORDER POLICY: All Special Orders require at least a 1/3 deposit prior to ordering. Any Special Orders not picked up within 30 days after notification, may be forfeited without any refunds.

(Prices above are subject to change without notice)

Thank you!

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